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lyf is a ‘next generation’ hotel concept designed to foster a sense of community among guests through such features as a communal kitchen, shared workspaces, laundrette, social spaces and more, as well as studio and two-bed accommodation offerings, custom-designed to suit both leisure and corporate travellers.

Millennial guests – who are often creative professionals and start-up technopreneurs are offered fun, creative spaces and the opportunity to explore, so they can bond and network organically.

Collingwood is renowned for its urban vibe and fabulous street art, which is why we decided to seek out – and work alongside – the innovative and renowned London-born, Melbourne-based street artist, Mysterious Al, to bring a genuinely artistic ‘Collingwood context’ to the development. Collaborating with Mysterious Al enabled us to combine our talents to inject exciting colour, personality and energy into the hotel’s exterior and interior spaces

Artistic and practical elements, such as tiled inlays in the lobby to highlight waiting areas, as well as cheeky ‘sign-lighting’, serve to add bold colour and personality to the communal spaces, while assisting with wayfaring.

Each of the 105 hotel rooms was strategically planned to provide guests with the maximum possible floor area and a surprising sense of spaciousness. This was delivered through an exaggerated ceiling height in most rooms, as well as opportunities for guests to bring their own style to their room, thanks to suspended hanging rails and features that allow for personal customisation and endless colour opportunities.

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