Thales Laboratory, Maribyrnong


Location: Maribyrnong

Completion: 2013


Leading electronics and systems group Thales Australia, work throughout defence, aerospace, and space, security and transport markets. One key aspect of their work that created inspiration for their new office fit out, is the management of aeronautical flight paths.

 This idea fed into the form of the space as well as the aesthetic detailing. The ceiling of the space dramatically slopes upward mimicking a plane at take-off. The workstation screens behind the desks also mimic this language; undulating across the space from desk to desk. Custom carpets and linear LED lighting create a web of lines through the space, alluding to the flight paths that are meticulously analysed by the company.

To allow for flexibility within the space, the main area was divided into a series of smaller meeting rooms, and a larger open plan office. The meeting rooms predominately encased in glass have been constructed from switch glass to allow for privacy when required, and can be switched back to clear glazing when not needed to maintain as much light and space as possible.