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Project » Apartments


20 luxury apartments

Born from like-minded collaborators with a shared purpose; crafting timeless opulence.

Fellowship’s meticulous architecture marries form and function with aesthetic elegance. Drawing inspiration from Kew’s historic streetscape, whilst aspiring to bring something fresh to the area, the facade embraces a timeless yet contemporary palette of materials. Pale bricks are punctuated by accents of black, whilst integrated breeze blocks pay homage to the modernist character of the neighbourhood. Featuring strong articulation, the facade’s rectilinear form is softened by cascading vegetation and climbing vines. The generosity of the landscaping allows the building to nestle in seamlessly with its verdant surroundings.

Enveloped in lush greenery, Fellowship’s expansive courtyards have been designed to create a sense of sanctuary and repose. Select homes feature sizeable pools, allowing residents to enjoy a tranquil holiday escape in their very own backyards. The courtyards spill directly out from the living areas, forming indoor-outdoor living environments that cater perfectly to the entertainer’s lifestyle.

Interior Architecture and Design at Fellowship
“Our design outcome is one of beautifully detailed interiors with a timeless and sophisticated colour palette. This allows the end user to curate their space to suit their lifestyle.” Chantelle Balliro, Sora Executive Manager.

The Sora team are passionate about design, and are inspired by the way people inhabit space. They take a considered approach to design, researching and collaborating with clients to understand the why before the what or how. Within each project, they embrace the design process with a sense of adventure; allowing curiosity and playfulness to help drive them through their design ideas and material choices. The results are spaces that people want to engage with; places to eat, to stay, to sleep or work. Thoughtfully designed spaces that help people engage with places better. Fellowship embodies their people-centric, detail-oriented approach to modern design. Working in close collaboration with CHT Architects, Sora have cultivated an environment of functionality, beauty and authenticity. Modern, innovative and yet timeless in its appeal.

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