Normanby, Southbank


Client: Undisclosed

Location: Southbank

Completion: TBA


The contemporary architectural design draws close reference to its surrounding context and local history. This well located and easily accessible development consists of commercial space at ground level, located beneath a sleeved podium with apartments to both main frontages and car parking in the centre of the podium. 


The architectural concept is drawn from Fisherman’s Bend rich history in aviation.  Celebrating the technological advancements in this industry during the 1940’s, the project serves as a memory for the area.  Taking cues from aircraft production and technological aerodynamic testing, the building aesthetic stirs memories of aircraft forms and fluid air movements to result in a building with creates a sense of movement through its subtle movements and play on light.  The building articulation is further driven by its performance, with deep cuts offering higher levels of natural light to the interior and horizontal and vertical extensions which provide passive shading and enhanced levels of privacy.