City Of Dreams, Malaysia


Location: Penang, Malaysia

Completion: 2020


This multi-residential high-rise development is situated adjacent to the waterfront in a north-eastern district of beautiful Penang Cape City, Malaysia. The development comprises 678 dwellings over 2 towers made up of 43 storeys.

This large-scale project incorporates an architectural design that is inspired by movement, and it’s picturesque surroundings. The design acts as a landmark itself, as it sits upon the skyline.

Focusing on common amenities, the tower’s fluid inspiration can be found in the building’s façade, with the extensive use of glass, found in a collection of angled external panels. The design is also reflective of a diamond-like concept, which is visible in the interior stylish finishes and captivating façade. The design incorporates 3 expansive pools and complimentary outdoor spaces including; a gym, aqua gym, karaoke, bowling, tai chi room, mini cinema, wine room, bar and wellness centre for the use of residents and guests.