We believe that architectural responses should be both technically and socially relevant; that spaces should be as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, as usable as they are beautiful. Our reputation is built on the innovative use of space and materials, and an ability to respond quickly and comprehensively to clients’ requirements.



CHT Architects strives to provide design solutions that not only meet, but also exceed clients’ expectations. In a highly competitive field, where consultants are often distinguished by fees alone, CHT’s aim has always been to produce architecture that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing; design that fulfils requirements while capturing imaginations.



Our work is the result of a collaborative process between clients, stakeholders, user groups and consultants. By working with these groups and taking a considered analysis of site context, client aspirations, the project brief, public image, environmental influences, financial feasibility and construction technologies, we are able to deliver successful architectural solutions.



We believe that any relationship is dependent upon clear communication. CHT Architects is proud of its many strong and enduring relationships with clients, builders and consultants. When forging new relationships, we ensure that communication is a feature of all processes. By taking regular and accurate minutes of meetings, creating comprehensive design briefs, facilitating workshops and fielding both design and construction queries, we are able to ensure design objectives are met and, in turn, relationships strengthened.